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import Mathlib.Algebra.BigOperators.Group.Finset
import Mathlib.Data.Stream.Defs
import Mathlib.Data.Stream.Init
import Mathlib.Tactic.Ring


Puzzle referenced from this tweet:

From the book _Out of their Minds: The Lives and Discoveries of 15 Great Computer Scientists_
by Dennis Shasha and Cathy Lazere.

Problem: Suppose each (finite) word is either "decent" or "indecent". Given an infinite
sequence of characters, can you always break it into finite words so that all of them
except perhaps the first one belong to the same class?


namespace KolmogorovStreams
open scoped Stream'

variable {α : Type}

def break_into_words :
   (Stream' ℕ) → -- word lengths
   (Stream' α) → -- original sequence
   (Stream' (List α)) -- sequence of words
 := Function.curry
       (λ ⟨lengths, a'⟩ ↦ a'.take lengths.head)
       (λ ⟨lengths, a'⟩ ↦ ⟨lengths.tail, a'.drop lengths.head⟩))

def all_same_class
    (is_decent : List α → Prop)
    (b : Stream' (List α))
    : Prop :=
  b.All is_decent ∨ b.All (λ w ↦ ¬is_decent w)

theorem kolmogorov_streams
    (is_decent : List α → Prop)
    (a : Stream' α)
    : (∃ (lengths : Stream' ℕ),
       (lengths.All (0 < ·) ∧
        all_same_class is_decent (break_into_words lengths a).tail)) := sorry

end KolmogorovStreams

File author(s): David Renshaw

This problem has a complete formalized solution.

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